7-Eleven debuts low-cost makeup line

Though the convenience superstore has yet to sound off on social media about the new line, beauty afficiandos are already abuzz.

If you’ve ever wished you could scoop up cosmetics with your Slurpee and taquito at 7-Eleven, great news: On Nov. 21, the convenience superstore announced that they began offering their own affordable makeup line.

The Simply Me Beauty brand, which is aimed at millennial women on the go, will feature 40 items for the face, eyes and lips, all priced between $3 and $5, according to a company press release.

7 eleven makeup

Some of the new beauty line’s offerings include fake eyelashes, lipsticks and bronzers.  (7-Eleven)

“The beauty industry has seen dramatic growth of cost-conscious cosmetics in the marketplace because millennial women are looking for a variety of colors at affordable prices,” said Lindsay Robertson, 7‑Eleven product development category manager. “They like to buy and try, and our goal when developing the Simply Me Beauty line was to create a line of makeup that had a quality look and feel without a high price barrier.”

As demand for beauty products has exploded in reagent years, the Irving, Tex.-based convenience retailer is wise to fill a void in the market — especially if the price is right.

“Much of the time, makeup items like lip and eye colors are spur-of-the-moment, impulse buys,” Joy Pico, 7‑Eleven category manager, said in the release. “If the price is right, that makes it easier to justify. For a millennial working woman wanting to refresh her makeup while grabbing lunch at 7‑Eleven stores, Simply Me Beauty is a welcomed offering and is priced just right for her. ”

The collection will feature a soup-to-nuts assortment of essentially any makeup you may need to touch up while on the run — the release specifies that everything from hi-def concealers and BB foundation creams to various lipsticks, faux eyelashes, bronzers, makeup tools and nail care items will be available for sale in the “Gorgeous on the Go” displays.

As the new makeup line hits 7-Eleven shelves everywhere, beauty aficionados have already taken note and sounded off on Reddit.

“I went to get coffee creamer this morning, and found out I can buy coffee creamer AND false lashes and makeup brushes in the same place,” one user gleefully commented.

“My first thought was that this was weird, why would a store like them make and sell makeup? But then I remembered the time I went to school with only 1 eyebrow drawed [sic] on my face. Now I think its a great idea,” added another.