The Best Carry-On Luggage

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Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, alone or as part of a group, having quality luggage is important. Sizing is critical because you need to make sure your carry-on fits in the bin for your airline, and checked bags need to be large enough to hold your belongings, but lightweight enough to keep you from having to pay a fee. Stop stressing over making sure you have the right luggage for your needs with this list of quality and high tech options that will last for years.

Tumi 19 Degree Aluminum International Carry-On


Made out of an aluminum shell, this carry-on luggage is essential for people who love traveling in luxury. It features slim wheels with a retractable handle to provide quick and easy transportation through even the busiest of airports, both domestic and international. It’s made with a two-point locking system and molded corners to provide water resistance, increased durability, and improved security. The interior is lined with nylon and features adjustable clothing straps, along with a zip pocket around the garment compartment flap. The handle is on the top of the bag, and has an ID tag included. Plus, it’s super lightweight, coming in at less than 8.5 pounds.

Shop Now: Tumi 19 Degree ($996 from East Dane)

Planet Traveler USA Space Case 1 20″ Smart Carry-On

Planet Traveler

If you love everything smart and find yourself traveling all the time – for either work or for pleasure – then this smart carry-on is the luggage of your dreams. Never worry about losing your luggage again, as it features a global tracker, with one year tracking service included. There’s always the option to renew as needed after that first year. The biometric lock provides the ultimate level of security since you unlock it with your fingerprint on the scanner, or with the Planet Traveler app. It also includes a digital self-scale so you can weigh it without ever lifting it, so you’re sure to avoid any overweight fees or forced to check the bag. Plus, it is equipped with a smart battery that allows you to charge your phone at least seven times before it needs recharging. It features three USB ports – two of which are external, and one that can be found from the inside front pocket.

Shop Now: Planet Traveler Space Case ($679.99 from Amazon)

Salsa Deluxe 22 Inch Cabin Multiwheel Carry-On


If you find yourself traveling a lot and going through luggage because it seems to fall apart every time to you turn around, it’s time to invest in a piece like this one. This 22” carry-on is made from durable Keprotec – an extremely protective fabric originally developed for motorcycle racing – and is reinforced with Kevlar for the utmost durability and protection. Even though it seems like the material would add a significant amount of weight to the luggage, it remains a lightweight solution for most travelers, at just 9.7 pounds, one of the lightest on our list. It’s available in two colors – dark blue and black. It features top and side carry handles with a telescoping pull handle and exterior zip pockets for extra convenience.

Shop Now: Salsa Deluxe 22 Inch Cabin ($625 from Nordstrom)

Raden A22 Single Case in Black Matte

Raden A22

Want a durable carry-on approved hard shell piece of luggage that at 8.4 pounds is still lightweight enough to easily move alongside you? This black polycarbonate shelled case can withstand lots of quick maneuvers in a crowded airport as it’s built for durability. It features a built-in TSA approved lock for added security, as well as Bluetooth powered proximity sensors to help you track your luggage’s location with the iOS app. There’s also an integrated battery with two USB ports so you can charge your phone and other portable electronic devices on the go. the ergonomic handle also doubles as a scale so you can be sure your bag always complies with your airline’s weight limits to avoid either having to pay an overweight fee or being forced to check your bag. The reversed zipper lining features a polyurethane overlay for waterproof sealing. The luggage also includes a built-in TSA approved lock for extra security. If you want a similar checked size luggage, take a look at the Raden A28 will give you the same durability and features, but with much more space for your belongings.

Trunkster Carry-On


If you’re looking for a high tech and convenient carry-on approved luggage for your travels, this is a great choice. This appeared on the ABC show Shark Tank, and a Kickstarter campaign was used to fund the development of the product. The roll top design makes for easy access to your items, even while the suitcase is standing upright. Not only this, but it also includes integrated smart features, such as USB charging so you never have to worry about your devices running out of juice on your flight, a digital scale so you don’t end up paying overweight fees or having to check your bag, and location tracking, so you don’t have to stress over possibly losing your luggage, should you decide to check the bag. Unlike many smart luggage pieces that only include an app for either iOS or Android, the Trunkster Tracker is available for both Android and iOS devices. And at only 10.3 pounds, it’s light enough to travel with you both near and far.

Shop Now: Trunkster Carry-On ($295 from Ebay)

Bluesmart One – Smart Luggage: GPS, Remote Locking, Battery Charger


This compact and durable piece of smart luggage are designed to meet international carry-on requirements. Though small, it can still hold everything you need for two to three day long trips. The water-resistant polycarbonate shell is designed to handle many years worth of travel. It features a battery with two 2 USB charging ports that can charge your devices up to six times, It also has GPS tracking that lets you keep track of its location anywhere in the world. The built-in scale in the handle allows you to weigh the luggage so you can avoid surprises at the airport. It also features a remote digital lock so you can lock or unlock your suitcase with your phone.