Saudia Airlines rules out ‘TIGHT, REVEALING’ clothes in new dress code

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Should there be a dress code while travelling on flight? The world is already obsessed with getting their #airportlook right, but a strict dress code is the latest thing that might put you to worry while in Saudi Arabia. The country’s national carrier, Saudia Airlines, has enforced a new diktat on clothes, which applies to both men and women. Specifying the conditions on its website, the airline requested its guests to ‘abide’ by the dress code in order to not offend or cause discomfort to other passengers because of their clothes.

The news comes days after the Saudi prince announced plans of building a luxury Red Sea resort where the otherwise strict dress rules of the country would be relaxed and women can wear bikinis on the beach.

Citing examples, for women, the rules state, “women exposing legs or arms; or wearing too thin; or too tight clothes,” and for men, it says, “men wearing shorts exposing legs”. After that, there is also a caution saying: “SAUDIA may refuse to transport passengers, or may remove passengers from the flight at any point for not complying with its dress code.”

Take a look at the specifications here.

According to a BBC report, when a local newspaper asked  Ali Al Ghamdi,  the former head of tourism and health, about the rules forbidding women from exposing limbs or wearing tight or transparent clothes, Ghamdi said that these rules were not peculiar to just the one airline, but that many international airlines had varying dress codes as well.

Meanwhile, a few passengers who did not know about the new rule had to face discomfort and had to either “buy new clothes at the airport”, or in some cases “cancel their flights”.

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